imback_holler (imback_holler) wrote in thequestionclub,

weird joy.

Have you ever tried something and it turned out so well you wanted to tell people...but when you think about it... it's not really something you just bring up in conversation... or it just sounds weird??

I cannot stand body hair. If I had the $$ I would laser all the hair off my body, except for my head and eyebrows of course. I bought an epilator for my legs and decided one day that I was sick of shaving my underarms EVERY.DAMN.DAY so I used it on my underarms. I know, why not wax it off? I had a bad experience with a salon and I just don't like armpits.. let alone making someone wax mine. I sure as hell couldn't wax it myself. It hurt like hell the first time but I didn't have to do it again for almost two weeks. When the hair grew back it was so fine that you could hardly notice it. The next time I used it, it hardly hurt at all. I love it.
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