Adrian (iliveinacubicle) wrote in thequestionclub,

TL;DR i got my life together and im stuck around people who havnt

my sister replaced alcohol with opiates, she is dope sick and jammed all the time, so she treats me like shit, she breaks my stuff, its so bad that today i told her to not talk to me anymore till she gets her life straight other wise me and her are done. i try helping her but she doesnt want it AT ALL, i also try to be there for her as much as i can because she tried to kill herself 2 weeks ago for attention, i know she is having a hard time, but its taking a toll on me the ways she treats me. the other day i took her into boston she made me pull over like 6 times to throw up from dope, then the next day i went with my best friend and her bf with my sister and 3 of her friends out to dinner, her and her friends didnt eat because when your high on opiates u cant eat and if you do you will probably just throw up. i was sooo mad. now shes bringing it in the house and her friends are coming over doing it, and im im a recovering addict, not from opiates but she does lots of other drugs too and it doesnt really matter to me what it is, if your high your high, it triggers me and makes me feel like shit on top of everything else thats going on. i tell my dad, he doesnt care he just thinks shes a fuck up and thats it, and eventually he will move away and she can deal with it. im 99% going to art school a couple states away in october. my mother is also a hot mess about to get out a 5 month bid in jail and is trying to move in bc she has no where to go. what can i do to stay sane till then? i really need some advice or help. i cant deal with any of this anymore :( been sober since may of last year if that counts for anything but i want to get high all the time.
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