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Negotiating a Higher Starting Salary

Ok, so I HATE the job I have now - I've been there since November and I havent even been fully trained. There are other grievances as well, but that is the one that pisses me off the most. Lucky for me, I got another job today! ^___^ The thing is though, the hiring manager who was supposed to give me my second interview today had to leave and just left the regular manager a note to hire me and have me fill out paper work. The girl who helped me didn't know a lot, other than I was hired and I would probably start on Monday. So she couldn't help me when I asked what I would be making. All she could offer was the base rate of pay. I have to call tomorrow morning to figure out when I will start and a schedule and such, which I will do with the actual hiring manager. However, I want to be prepared to demand ask for more money if she says everyone starts the same.

I am very qualified for this job and have a ton of experiance (about 13 years) so I know I am definitly worth more than the base salary. The problem is this - I've never been very good at politely but forcefully negotiating these types of things. Frankly, even though the starting pay is $1.50 less than I am making now, I am just grateful to have a new job that I know I will enjoy way more, even if it's awful (which I doubt it will be). So when the girl hiring me asked would it be a problem, I took it as code for, 'are you turning down the job if that's the case?' I told her it would possibly not be a deal breaker, but I did want to at least try and get more from the company. She assured me she became a manager in about two months because she really busted her ass and I could too, especially with my experiance and attitude.

But I am still hopeful that I won't have to start at the very bottom of the food chain! And I hoping you guys can offer me some tips and helpful advice to get at least closer to what I am actually worth. So lay it on me! Give me your best offers of help! Please?

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