changus (changus) wrote in thequestionclub,

A class of mine did a debate about cloning a year or so back, and I was covering the religious aspect of it. I was assigned pro-cloning, so it was hard.

So I was wondering,
1- Which side do you think is more favourable to win (purely religious reasons)
2- What are some possible arguments that could've been used (pro or con)

For me,
1. Purely religious reasons, I'd have to say cloning will never happen. Overall, I think cloning would be cool, but cloning anything other than small parts of someone (organ etc for medical purpose) will probably not happen.
2. The most powerful argument I had was that since everyone says cloning is like men making men after the images of themselves, instead of god. (christianity) My rebuttal was that since Eve was made from Adam's rib, are they saying how half of the population was blasphemous

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