mcnastee23 (mcnastee23) wrote in thequestionclub,

I have one midterm - it's take-home. However, it is probably the hardest assignment yet. It's for my chaucer/shakespeare class and Dr. Lampe worded the first question of it so ambiguously that I can't even understand it.

A) We have read lyric poems by three major poets --Petrarch, Chaucer, and Shakespeare --and narratives by only one of these, Chaucer. Yet in the sonnet sequences of both Petrarch and Shakespeare there is an implied plot and in Chaucer's narratives (especially in KT, MilT, RVT and others) there are lyric moments when the characters "sing" or self-consciously taken on poetic forms to fulfill or invert expectations. Compare and contrast function and importance of narrative in three works you have read.

Huh? (And it's copied verbatim)

If you can decipher that, be my guest.

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