Dusty (dustyshakleford) wrote in thequestionclub,

A friend who wrote me a reference letter so I can apply for a grant for gender affirming surgery finally sent it to me. Can you tell me if you think this looks/sounds good? He said I could edit it but I suck at editing.

I have known Andy for over a year now. We met at my work place. He was the first other FTM I met. We became friends fast. I even got the honor of giving him his first T shot. We both didn’t know anyone else like us. Before we met we both felt alone and disconnected from the world. We couldn’t find any resources to help start our transition. We both live in Alabama, it’s not the most trans friendly place.
One day Andy approached me with an idea. That maybe we could network and meet other transgender people in the state. It sounded like a good idea. He made a Facebook group and we started publicizing it on different forums. Now that small little group is expanding. We have trans-support meetings, handed out flyers at South Alabama Pride on transphobia and marched, and also help other people in their transition. The biggest problem our state has is that no one is talking about where they get a letter or hormones. Andy sat out to change that and we working every day to connect to others. We are no longer alone and Andy has planted a seed that has helped a lot of people.
The reason for this letter is for me to write something that recommends my friend for a surgery that will change his life in countless ways. I know that other people are writing the same letter to you encouraging you to pick their friend. All I can do is write what I know about Andy and how he has helped others to get their journey started. I hope in my heart that you will consider him for this great gift.

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