Katie (wishesorhopes) wrote in thequestionclub,

job searching

My summer job fell through and lucky me, I'm job searching (for something more permanent; I'm a college grad and want something in an office, nonprofit, something like that). I don't have all that much experience with it so if anyone has seriously and successfully job searched lately I could use advice.

What are the best job search websites? Which ones, after you use them, do you hear back from employers? Okay I realize this is very vague and subjective. What I'm really asking is if craigslist is worth using...I find it the easiest site to navigate and use and then actually apply, but I feel like so many people must be applying, I don't even know if it's worth it.

Am I better off networking than sending out applications like mad? I have access to my college's alumni information and I could contact ones working in places I want to be...but I have no idea what to say to them.

what advice do you have on standing out above everyone else? Should I be finding volunteer work or an unpaid internship just for some experience? ugh, I'm a bit lost, but I just want to find a job that doesn't suck.
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