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march madness!!

who else is doing a bracket? are you in a pool or doing it for fun?

i'm stuck on several (as usual!)
1. wvu/s. illinois- i hate wvu and have a feeling that they could lose and i think i did well with southern illinois last year, but i've already picked an 11 over a 6. hmmm

2. begrudgingly admitted, pitt/kansas- honestly, i don't want to pick kansas because of suzermagoozer haha, but my brain tells me pitt always craps out before they should. and loyalty to my alma mater cost me points last year

3. marquette/ucla- ben howland (ucla's coach) is a jagoff, but marquette hasn't been playing too hot (and if i pick marquette, do i pick them to beat the zags in the next round?)

4. washington/utah state- the sticky 5-12 seed game. and i usually do well with teams from utah. tricksy

5. unc/tennessee in the regionals- the vols have been better this year, but the tarheels won for me last year. and they're gonna have a chip on their shoulder.

6. duke/lsu in the sweet 16- is jj gonna crap out? if yes, i think the game goes to lsu, if not, it goes to duke. what to do?

AND i also don't know who i think is gonna be in the final four. all the 1 seeds have gone through sketchy patches, and, statistically speaking, not all of them will advance. but who is going to beat them? hmmm.

and, for the record, i am DYING to pick memphis, uconn, or villanova to lose in the first round. it's never happened, but it's gotta happen some time!

i'm gonna need to go back and change some. apparently, there are usually 7 upsets in the first round and i don't have that many. damn brackets are so hard to fill out.

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