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Weight training

I've been exercising since the beginning of the year, doing an hour of cardio a day (bike/elliptical or just the bike for an hour, about 20 miles) and have been lifting. I started lifting my first day and did just my upper body (chest press, reverse chest for back, bicep, tricep and shoulder) and the next day I did my lower body (squats with 15lbs on each side of the bar, leg curls laying on your stomach for your hamstrings, and bicycle crunches for my abs).

I've heard you're not supposed to lift every muscle group every day so I've been lifting each group every other day and doing cardio every day. Is one day enough to see a decent amount of muscle development? I'm not looking to be ripped or anything -- I'm trying to lose weight and gain muscle strength. I know muscle weighs more than fat so I'm going by how I look/clothes rather than the scale, mostly. I've got about 60 to lose, and I'm nearing the 10lb mark.

Is there anything I should add or subtract from my routine to make it more effective for endurance and muscle building? If there's a better community in which to ask this let me know and I'll go there :)
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