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Let's play pretend here for a few minutes.

Imagine you are an 18 year old girl. Plain looking, nice rack, fresh out of high school (or a drop out with a GED, either way), and in that all important 'finding yourself' stage.

You want a career that is somehow involved in the entertainment industry. Live music, in particular, is a favorite. Your father worked as a tour manager for one hit wonder 80s bands and a couple big names back in the day, so maybe it's just something that's in your blood. You can lift heavy equipment (amps, speakers, mixing boards) without dropping them, but can not carry them in a manly over your shoulder way. You tend to look like you might drop it at any moment, although you never have. You do not have a college degree and would rather plunge fiery dildos into your eyeballs than go earn one. You aren't smoking hot and are probably not going to be marrying anyone of any importance any time soon.

You know the basics of multiple foreign languages (German, French, Spanish, Arabic, Finnish) and can learn more. You have a decent high school transcript and above average testing scores. You have some experience wrapping cables and plugging shit in and using a mixing board. You're good at lying and manipulating people, and although most people dislike you instantly upon meeting you, are later wooed when they discover that you can be amusing. You know more than the average person about the technical side of the entertainment industry, but your only real experience not from books or DVD extra features is helping your dad when he's working as a mobile DJ.

1. So, what specific career would you, playing this 18 year old girl, choose to try and pursue? Does your answer change if its a GED instead of a high school diploma?

2. And, because I have yet to find anyone who can answer 'yes', have you ever seen/known of a female working as a roadie for a band who is not a 'diesel lesbian'?

3. And, just for fun, what to do you think of Queen touring with a lead singer who's not Freddie Mercury? I'm seeing them again tomorrow night and am curious as to what non-Queen fanatics think. Or if you don't know who the hell Queen is, substitute Queen for INXS and Freddie Mercury for Michael Hutchance (is that their old singers name? I don't follow them).

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