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Radio Alarm from Hell

So last week was my spring break. On March 3rd my neighbor left for her vacation. I was pretty excited, because she can be loud. Anyway. On March 4th I woke up at 8 AM to her radio alarm playing LOUDLY into my room. Could security do something about it? Nope. They refused, since I was the only one bugged by the sound. The reason why it's so bad is due to the fact that we have connecting door between our rooms, and sound travels really well in that area, so any music in her room will be heard clearly in mine. So for my entire spring break I got to wake up at 8 AM every morning and wait until 9 AM before I could get back to sleep (which is when the radio alarm clicked off). On that first Saturday, I jumped out of bed and scribbled a note and taped it to her door. I wrote: I believe you left your alarm on. LOUD. Thanks a lot.

1. Was that rude of me? She got back on Sunday and I'm guessing she read the note, since it has disappeared from her door. I probably shouldn't have left the note, and instead just waited until she got back last night and told her politely how fucking obnoxious her alarm was the entire break, you know, just to give her a heads up so that she doesn't accidentally leave it on again next time she leaves for a few days. But I was so upset on March 4th, since I had been looking forward to peace and quiet, that I snapped and wrote that note and then crawled back into bed and bawled like a baby for an hour. I'm pathetic, I know.

2. Should I have expected an apology from her? I haven't gotten one, and I guess I don't expect one. Guess what I woke up to again at 8 AM today? Yeah. But at least this time my alarm was set at the same time anyway.

3. Am I being an idiot? I've asked her politely before to be quiet at night when I was trying to sleep and she was standing RIGHT AT THE CONNECTING DOOR talking loudly with a friend. I've made it clear that her morning radio irritates me when she doesn't turn it off right away and it's at an obnoxiously loud volume.

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