Merry (pridian) wrote in thequestionclub,

Mental case.

The past couple of months I have developed some minor phobias. I say minor, because I do them anyway but I am progressively freaking out more when I do it.

Stairs, Care of: Life hates you - Whenever I come across stairs now I am entirely conscious of the fact, and if there's a railing I hold on to it. Whenever I take a step down in my head I'm going "Stair." *step* "Stair." I figure this one could be easiest explained since I've twisted my ankle(s) pretty badly twice (out of three times) because of stairs. First time I hadn't even been awake for more than 10 seconds so I wasn't in the right mind. The second time was at school at night and it was outside and there was no light for the stairs; I had just walked outside so my eyes weren't adjusted and thought I was done with the stairs but I wasn't. Holy crap that hurt so bad. I freak out just thinking about it. Whenever I come across stairs I tend to pause first and then go down now.

Bumper cars on the freeway - When I'm driving, it's not as bad but I feel like I have no control over what's going to happen to me when I'm surrounded by so many cars. If I'm in the passenger seat, it gets worse. I'm gripping on the handle and I suck in my breath really quickly if someone darts their car out in front of us or if some car almost hits another car. I can't handle being too close to another car while going 65mph. No matter how often I am on the freeway it only seems to get worse. Regular highways - not a problem.

I can't breathe, people are watching - This has become my newest one. I'm becoming ever more claustrophobic. I get really out of it if I'm surrounded by a bunch of people (like waiting to be seated at a restaurant) and I become irritated if people talk to me during this time. I just want to sit there and pretend I don't exist, that all these people crowding around me don't exist and that all the damn kids screaming and crying and laughing aren't there.

My question is: have any of you developed a phobialike problem out of nowhere with no real explanation? Have you overcome it? If so, what did you do?

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