Kristina (memyselfandi87) wrote in thequestionclub,

DVD Cases

I'm doing a project in my computer graphics class where we re-design a DVD case. I'm kind of stuck as to what to put on there, so...

1. Tell me what you look for on a DVD case. Is it essential, or something I could do without?
2. If the movie had been nominated for major awards (Academy Awards, Golden Globes, etc), would that information go on the front or the back of the DVD case? What format would it go in?
3. What if the movie won a major award? Where would that information go, and what format would it go in?
4. What about reviews? Would they go on the front or back? Where would they go in relation to the award nominations and wins? Before or after?
5. Is there anything else that I should put on the DVD case that I didn't mention?

Thank you!!

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