the owl & the pussycat (ifancylust) wrote in thequestionclub,
the owl & the pussycat

hopefully someone can help me out with this one:
last night i got extremely nauseous and was on the verge of throwing up. thankfully, i made a deal with my stomach and i ended up not vomiting.
this morning when i was brushing my teeth, i noticed that my tongue was a dark brown..almost black ashy color..and when i spit in the sink, it was very mucus-like and kind of grey in color. i brushed my tongue with my toothbrush and got most of the staining off. i was really scared and definitely confused. it was so bizarre.
i tried looking up answers on google and some medical websites, but the only thing i can find is some "black hairy tongue disease", which is very different from what i experienced.
does anyone know why this happened? my only guesses are: i threw up a small amount of bile in my sleep and it stayed in my mouth long enough to stain my tongue..or it's from smoking cigarettes. the thing is..i've been smoking for years and this has never ever happened before. it seems odd that this would just happen overnight. i hadn't consumed anything that would stain my tongue either.
HELP! i'm confused and really worried.

EDIT: answered!

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