hypnotized by fireflies (righteousdame) wrote in thequestionclub,
hypnotized by fireflies

A lot of people showed interest in this post I made to ask_me_anything and this post I made to thequestionclub. (This is crossposted too, by the way.)

My question is, would anyone be interested in joining a Best Riddle community on LJ? Obviously there'd have to be more to it than just discussing riddles, because after a while it'd all be covered and there wouldn't be anything left to post. But maybe members could create their own riddles and post them for others to solve, sort of like textsecret or _ljsecret, except with riddles.

Does this sound interesting to anyone? Anyone have any better ideas? If there seems to be a fair amount of interest I'll create the community and let you guys know.

(Also, I know this is a really odd question. Mods, if it's not allowed or something, feel free to delete it. But it is a question...)

Edit: I've created the community (bestriddle) if anyone's interested. But I absolutely need ideas for what to do with it. So, what could I do with this community, guys?

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