Bridget (tea_fiend) wrote in thequestionclub,

1. How do I hang net curtains? I tried drawing pins, but combined with the cats that meant I was repinning the things multiple times daily. I am insufficiently manly to own power tools, so anything that involves drilling into the walls is out. "Don't bother with net curtains" is not really an option, because I want to dance around my living room like a total idiot (on the grounds that it probably counts as exercise) and my neighbour, Bonkers Lady, does not need to see this.

2. I accidentally typed into google earlier. If this website existed, what should it contain, aside from people being likened to potatoes?

3. What proportion of keys to keyrings do you regularly cart around with you? My keys consist of eight keys and ten keyrings; is this a normal amount? And three of the keys are for locks that don't even exist.

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