mprfctn (mprfctn) wrote in thequestionclub,

i hate going to the doctor. especially for a sore throat. unless there's those white spots in there, because i've had strep more times than i can count.

but now. there's no white spots, but the right side of my throat (perhaps my tonsils? i don't know the names of things in there) is so swollen that food isn't all going down and i have to drink water to get it "un-stuck" and get it out of my throat. imagine you have insurance, total cost will probably be $15-$20 for the visit and if you need medicine... would you go? wait it out? i felt more sick yesterday, and today i feel alright so far. except for this swollen throat thing. i would kinda feel stupid for going.

alternatively... hm. doing anything fun for the 4th of july? i'm going to the ocean.

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