Morgan (poo) wrote in thequestionclub,

I found a tattoo artist whose work I really enjoy, but she's super difficult to get ahold of and work around/make plans with. She only communicates via email and sends a response anywhere from a week to two weeks later. It was hard to secure an appointment and now that I have, she still hasn't gotten back to me about the text file I sent as well as my questions about the installment payment to secure the appointment that she mentioned. Would you consider these red flags?
I've never done this before but the fact that it took two months to secure an appointment, plus the lack of fast and clear commucation, combined with the inability to really get answers makes me really uneasy. I'd be driving to Austin because I haven't found any artists here in Houston that I like, so I can't just stop by the shop. Input?

Dk/dc: what's something you're really looking forward to?

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