Adrian (iliveinacubicle) wrote in thequestionclub,

over a year ago i was stupid and bought a stolen GPS off a kid, this other kid who i consider my friend comes over my house and see the gps laying on the floor and asks me about it, i told him how i got it. he tells some random friend of his who got his gps stolen too that it had to be his. the kid selling them had a lot of them but this kid insists that i now have his exact one and he wants it back, i dont even know what he looks like.. i agreed to give it back to him if he could tell me the home addresses on it but he wouldnt tell me and there was nothing on the gps. i then asked him to provide a serial number so we could match it but he wont answer to that text. anyways i really dont want to give this gps to a random kid when it wasnt even his to begin with. and i know hes going to try to fight me about it. i dont want to get in trouble im on probation so should i just throw it away or give it too him? or tell him no he cant have it if he cant give me info?

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