Rock this Bitch (jesus__suburbia) wrote in thequestionclub,
Rock this Bitch

 So I have weird  vision issues. After my concussion nearly 2 months ago, I noticed it was worse once I got my migraines under control. I have 20/20 vision, but I've worn glasses for about 2 years. They are +0.50, hardly anything at all, to help my eyes focus, because the muscles in my eyes have difficulties. However, I can see fine, I just always squint. Every eye doctor I go to says I have perfect eyes. No cornea issues, no astigmatism, no nothing. And I just went back and I have no post-concussion issues (I was hit between the eyes). 

I am wondering if anyone has done vision therapy (similar to those exercises/physical therapy for lazy eyes) for eye strain/this kind of muscle issue before, and if they have any tips? It's driving me crazy and triggering migraines since I'm in a very delicate state right now.
Edit: to clarify - everything is blurry unless I squint, which is annoying and hurts my eyes.
TL;DR: Eye strain tips/experience? I have weird eyes.
DK/DC/Why are your eyes so weird, you spechul snoflake?: What internet speed do you have? I have to actually buy my own internet in August from Comcast in my new grown up apartment, and I don't know what speed to get. I think I have "up to 12 mbps" now, I need to call my apt complex and ask. 
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