Shameless, incorrigible, possibly the worst (fieryphoenix) wrote in thequestionclub,
Shameless, incorrigible, possibly the worst

Vertical line. What is to be done about these stubborn stains?

Hook and a horizontal line. Did you bring your A-game today? If not, what grade is your game?

Two curves. I'm not going to bother asking what's for dinner, but did you enjoy it? Or... do you anticipate enjoying it?

Down, across, lift pen, down. Do any numbers look ugly to you? Four is kind of ugly to me, but I really like most primes except three and five. Three can go stop a chainsaw with its genitals, and five can trip and scrape its face while running for help.

Down and around with a hat. How long have you been awake?

Tall spiral. Do you still regularly play any video or computer games that are more than, say, ten years old? Which ones?

Across then DOWNWARDSLANT. Tell me something that a lesser man than I might consider too much information, wouldst thou?

Two loops. Out of questions.
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