pickathelitter (pickathelitter) wrote in thequestionclub,

I bought a pair of prescription sunglasses from Walmart (I know, I know) a few months ago. Prior to getting them made, I asked if they could make them in my prescription because certain styles distort it and make my prescription a little wonky. The man ASSURED me that they could. I get the glasses, they're distorted- he insists it's my script and said he will only fix the glasses IF I bring in a new script or a note from my doctor.

I just checked their website and there was a 60 day, money back return policy. If the lenses are already popping out and I tell them what happened AND I send the perfectly not scratched lenses back, do you think I would have a chance at a refund or credit? :/

Customer service won't be open for a few hours.

What's the last thing that annoyed you?
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