dirtyrich09 (dirtyrich09) wrote in thequestionclub,

For those of you who ever tried to lose some weight, how do you keep yourself from eating?? I don't mean overall, just, eating more than you need. MmmmmMMMmmmm ice cream you're so yummy, no self control

Edit: OH, and what good work outs can I do in my house? It's so humid out. And it's been raining all week.

Edit again: I've had to walk 3 miles every day due to a new part time job, and I do it briskly...which I wasn't doing before...shouldn't that be helping me lose weight (slowly but surely)? It seems like I am, instead, slowly gaining. Maybe it's because I don't have THAT much to lose to begin with (maybe ten lbs?) What are your experiences with walking?
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