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What was the last thing that made you want to scream, punch some one or just kill your boss?

 After some looking around we found really cheap flights and decent self-catering in Malta for a lovely week in the sun. As I am only a part-timer (aka this is my Summer job) I didn't imagine there would be too much bother getting time off but HELL was I wrong! I asked for the time off last Saturday (giving my employer almost 12 weeks advance notice. We are only asked to give 3 maximum) and was informed I would find out by the end of the day or the next morning. So end of the day came and passed and so did the next day. So, I went in on my day off where I got a pile of SHITE and had to arrange a formal meeting with the HR Manager. That went well enough and after about an hour of 'hmm, oh I don't know maybe blah blah' she said I could have the hours off but it had to start on a Monday for no reason whatsoever apparently. Now I go back to the drawing board and whadda ya know? No fricking flights anywhere NEAR the days she gave and any that did fly were a good 5 hundred euro more. So now I am gonna have to wait till Monday morning (because the lovely people in HR get regular hours and weekends off) before I can even contact her. Did I mention the flights are going up about €10 a minute. Oh and did I also mention that this is the same employer that gave 5 girls written cautions for mistakes they made on their FIRST DAY!?!

So would I be justified in just shooting everyone in HR right about now? Or should I just burn the place down? Have you ever heard of it being so difficult for anyone to get time off work? It is only 15 hours for frick sake. I have slept longer than that! Is it even legal to be that stingy with their time off? 

Please tell me some of your tales of time off hell or just work drama in general. Who was the most unreasonable person/company you ever worked for?

~ End Rant ~

EDIT: Do you have any stories of people being treated like dirt because of the recession? A friend of mine got a job recently but they have her on split shifts and a lot of the time they are only 1 hour shifts. As in she could be working Monday 11-12 and then off till 5.30-8.00. She was promised a contract at the beginning which has never materialised and yesterday someone stole a toy from the shop and she is being made to pay for it. They do mobile top up's in the shop as well and if the customer changes their mind or asked for the wrong network the staff have to pay for it. Toilet breaks are 'unapaid' as well. I am fairly sure that is illegal....?

DK/DC what was the cheapest holiday you ever went on?
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