clockworkgirl21 (clockworkgirl21) wrote in thequestionclub,

What movies do you enjoy despite them belonging to genres you don't care for, and why do you like them? And why don't you generally enjoy the genre?

A Clockwork Orange - It has its own language, almost. Even though the main character is a total asshole(a stronger word might even still be appropriate), you end up feeling sorry for him by the end. Only Malcolm McDowell could have portrayed that character that well. It brings up the ethical question: Should the government condition violent criminals to protect society at the cost of basically making people into pleasant robots who can't choose their actions?

Jurassic Park - Who doesn't like dinosaurs? It's suspenseful, has good music, and raises more ethical questions about how far science should go.

I don't like scifi because it's usually about aliens or spaceships. Apart from Independence Day, which was sort of okay, aliens bore me.

The Notebook - It begins really slowly. I found myself slowly enjoying it and being pulled in, then the ending just knocks you right out of your chair.

I don't like romance because how often must I see a smooth talking guy sexually harass a bitchy girl?
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