___meganat0r (___meganat0r) wrote in thequestionclub,

okay. i'm looking for an icon community, not anything specific but just a place where:

  • i can post my icons
  • requiring credit is okay
  • it's not a one-subject community. IE: only a certain tv show/band/actress/singer is allowed to be posted
  • it's not a challenge community

    i've tried running the search but generally all i seem to come up with are places that are run by one person -- IE their icon journal/comm -- & only THEY can post; challenge comm's where you can only post the icons w/given pictures; icon sharing comm's [which i enjoy but i work hard on my icons]; or comm's where it's based on one person or group & anything outside of that isn't allowed.

    WHERE can i find a comm like this? i know it's out there; i just haven't found it yet.
    any help?
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