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Tomorrow I am suppose to participate in my city's Relay for Life event, but I am feeling like crap (I have a super sore throat, I'm sore all over etc). I raised about $300 for my team and had intended on going for the full event (5pm-7am Saturday) but I feel like if I stay overnight (in an event tent) that I'll feel even worse come Saturday night, even if I don't sleep I'll be walking in the cold/probably rain.
There is no option for me to go to only part of the event. I feel like I'm letting the team down if I don't go, however I'll still be sending snacks to them and I'll feel like crap if I do go.

Do I suck it up and take a lot of drugs and go? Do I stay home and get better?

dk/dc Will you share something that you've learned today?
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