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Why are men so suspicious of their girlfriends hanging out with male friends?

I went out to grab a bite with a male coworker/friend last night after a busy day at work. My looooooong term boyfriend (of like 10 something years) knew I would be because it was a preplanned thing. Yet he is still pissed off at me because:

1) I didn't call him - sorry it was busy as heck, I was frazzled... and since when do I have to
check in
when he already knew what I was doing?? Controlling much?
2) He doesn't know the guy - he has been invited to come out with my coworkers/friends
every time
we go out but never wants to go yet he gets mad when I go alone? Hypocrite.
3) Its too close to a "date" for him - a date? I got some food at Buffalo Wild Wings with a friend who just happens to be male. It was just grabbing a bite to eat with a friend. Period! And yes, I know the male perspective is "different" but, to me, it's just them over thinking
to much!

Honestly, I don't get it at all. It just seems like he doesn't trust me or something. What about you guys and gals? Why do you think men act this way or how would you deal with this situation?

EDIT: And yes I KNOW it can go both ways but I am just looking at/dealing with the MALE side of it thank you!
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