Jennie (krnchunsaxp) wrote in thequestionclub,

brazilian, more questions.

1. I'm thinking about getting a brazilian wax during spring break, but I've never done it before... For those of you who've ever gotten one...

a. Does it really hurt that much?
b. How often do you get the wax?
c. How long does the hair have to be in order to get a wax?
d. How annoying is it while you're growing it out in between waxing?
e. How much does it cost, on average?
f. Any recommendations for good, reasonably priced places in Northern VA? (I'm a broke college student)

2. If, letsay, God (or whoever) comes to you & tells you that he's going to give you a gift - you can either choose being right all the time (decisions, tests, etc.) - but you might be lonely, or being loved by everyone, which would you choose and why?

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