jess (sugarbob46) wrote in thequestionclub,

if i see a car online from a dealer that id like to know more about will they give me more info over the phone or do i have to actually go see it? the one im looking at is in nh and im in ma and i cant exactly get up there myself, id need my brother to drive down from his apartment (in nh) or something for me to get there. i tried their request info via email thing last week and never got anything. i was planning on asking them if its been in any accidents and if they know whether the previous owner(s) were smokers. is there anything else i should ask? i already know how many miles are on it and theres a picture of it online. i also know how many records are on its carfax but im not shelling out the $35 to get details. im no good at cars so idk how to go about something like this. :(

edit- also the price for it im seeing says 'online price' are they gonna shaft me for paying upfront in person? my brothers lending me the few thousand for it.
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