But what if I'm a mermaid? (deepbluemermaid) wrote in thequestionclub,
But what if I'm a mermaid?

Two questions for Americans

Hey guys, I have a couple more questions for the story I'm writing. I live in New Zealand, and some things are difficult to research online.

1) would you ever use the phrase like a bear with a sore head to mean someone who's in a seriously bad mood?

If not, can you think of some other colourful phrase with that meaning? The character who says it is a guy in his 30s from New Jersey, if that makes any difference.

2) what kind of anti-theft measures do Radio Shack stores have? I want another character to steal a GPS device off the shelf and get out undetected.

Are the boxes all tagged, so they'd beep at the door? If so, could my shoplifter pull the GPS out of the box and walk out with it hidden under his jacket or something?

Thanks in advance for your help :)
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