John Black (shruikan13) wrote in thequestionclub,
John Black

It Always Starts With A Girl

Ok… so here is the deal.

About a year ago I dated a girl… it ended badly. We went way too far, (i.e. Her pants came off, but we never had sex so don’t worry) I broke up with her, she cried, I got kicked in the crotch, the whole 9 yards. I don’t regret it though, because it helped me to form some of the morals that I hold in high esteem (my friends say that I am chivalrous to a fault). Anyway, a year went by and she had some other boyfriends, and I had some other girlfriends, but we never really talked that much. So about six months back I started to like her again. We had been talking again for a while, and she kind became part of our “group” witch consists of me and my six best friends, her included. So I started to like her again, but she was still hung up on another boyfriend who had dumped her not to long before. I didn’t let her know that I liked her for a while until I told her that I loved her (like I love all of the people that are a part of that group) I also tried to kiss her but she didn’t because I had a girlfriend at the time. I know that she had the same feelings that I was having about her because she said that she didn’t want to date me way to often for it to be true. So anyway, recently she has been kind of touchy, like trying to hold my hand and stuff, and for the most part I have been trying to ignore it because I knew that she would never date me. But sometimes I would just give up and hold her hand, or touch her leg like she was touching mine. For example last Wednesday she was holding my hand and touching my leg so I just gave up and held it right back. (although this could be taken several ways due to the fact that a student in our school died in a car crash the day before). So anyway… last night is when things got really interesting. We were going to the mall with a few other people from that “group”. We held hands in the car on the way there, and we kind of did some other weird touchy things at the mall. She tried on a corset from Hot Topic for me and… um well lets just say that I was speechless… literally. She bought it and wore it home under her shirt. On the way home we were being weird witch is perfectly normal in our group (I kissed my friend Chris, and then he and I sat for ten minus with no shirts on… there was various other lesbian kissing as well) Anyway, that really isn’t important, funny, but not important. Eventually she got tired and I let her lean up against me to sleep. Eventually she ended up in my arms leaning against my chest. She kissed my neck, and I kissed hers and we kind of just kissed really softly like that for a while, I told her I loved her. Then we kissed… and I’m not talking playful kiss your guy friend for the amusement of the females in the car kiss, I’m talking a KISS. We talked online from about 7 PM to midnight, and then talked on the phone till 2 AM. She told me that the only reason that she refuses to go out with me is that her old boyfriend said that if she went out with me he would leave her forever. So yeah… should I go out with her? Any other advice?

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