Meow (aerynmoo) wrote in thequestionclub,

Should I buy this mp3 player or this one?

The video screen is cool, but I already have a Clip and I know it's reliable (except for when you leave it in your car when it's over 100 degrees outside and you somehow melt a connection inside so it doesn't always turn on!)

Do I spring for something new or stick with what I know?

I need to spend 20$ more to get no interest for 18 months on the computer I'm buying, lol.

UGH NEVERMIND HOW DUMB. It was $429 BEFORE tax to get the 18 months no interest and with the mp3 player added, it was $430 AFTER tax. So f that. I'll make do with my half melted sort of broken Clip that I already own. And if you're curious, I bought this computer.
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