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Denmark and Love

Hey there TQC-ers.

So I'm sitting here alone in my boyfriend's appartment, I know, no one in this country and I'm considering moving here. Even though I know it's completely insane, and my family will accuse me of running away from my current life in Paris (and my ex). I'd love to meet some people and make some friends before taking the leap but I'm quite shy and my Danish is very limited. I've signed up with which seems great but none of their meet ups seem to happen when I'm in town.

Are any of you guys from Denmark? What's the best place to meet people/make new friends in Copenhagen? Should I do the crazy thing and move here from Paris? Does anyone near Copenhagen want to meet for a coffee today?

And for the non-Danish contingent:  What's the craziest thing you've done for love and did it work out? If you live on your own, how do you fill your free time?
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