Erin Elizabeth (emeraldetoile) wrote in thequestionclub,
Erin Elizabeth

How on earth do you approach someone in your family about their eating habits? Especially when that person is your father and they'll just pull the "it's my life" business?

Four years ago my father was hospitalized for heart troubles, and had to change his diet and up the exercising. All went well for the first few years, but he is back to his old ways, and really has packed on the pounds. He will not eat breakfast or lunch but will eat EVERYTHING for dinner, and then snack until he goes to bed. He's not eating healthy foods either, and my mother certainly isn't helping. She won't eat it, but she'll make the all-fat stuff for him.

Doctors are such hypocrites, they really are.

I'm a very health conscious individual especially when it comes to my diet, so when I come home over breaks- it both pisses me off and worries me about my father.

I've tried to talk to my mother about it, but she just ignores me.

Who else here has experienced a similar situation? How did you handle it? Did you, despite the adamant protests, keep trying to broach the topic?
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