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podcasts [Sep. 20th, 2018|04:54 pm]
The Question Club

I am now into podcasts.

Do you listen to podcasts? What are your favorite ones to listen to?

I recently listened to EOS 10 and enjoyed it.
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Does it make you want to dance? [Sep. 19th, 2018|08:47 pm]
The Question Club

Every Friday I play an hour-long high energy music mix to help keep my co-workers motivated and upbeat as we wrap up our work week. After doing this for a year, however, I am running out of ideas for upbeat music to play. I am looking for music with a heavy beat similar to- Thunderstruck, Footloose, Gummi Bear, Danger Zone, Cotton Eyed Joe and I Love Rock and Roll. New music, old music, if it makes you feel like dancing please share the song title.

Thank you for your help.
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Fish tank plants [Sep. 19th, 2018|06:40 pm]
The Question Club

People who maintain fish tanks of various sizes, what are some good plants to plant in an aquarium? I have a ten gallon and I've been looking to add more plants.

EDIT: Edited to add that I have balloon mollies.
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About blogs... [Sep. 18th, 2018|01:55 pm]
The Question Club


I'm sort of new to this group and have been wondering a few things about LJ and how it counts the "status?" If you have any insight about this would love to know. But, here are my questions:

1. How do you (personally) try to get more people to read your blog entries?

2. Do you link your entry to any other outside source, such as fb, and do you get any hits that way?

3. Do you have an affinity or passion about spirituality, and if so, why? Or why not?

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A Civil Discussion about a heavy subject [Sep. 17th, 2018|09:57 pm]
The Question Club


Now that I've posted this photo, would like to start a civil discussion. This is a beautiful Kimono. The lavander sweeping sleeves, the purple flowers. It's so elgant and pretty.
Because this is a traditional Japanese garment lets discuss cutural appropriation. Here in America, if your not Japanese and where this lovely outfit, your being disrespectful and appropriating another culture. You run the risk of being called a racist, even if your not and believe in equal rights for all.
Now on the flip side, many Japanese people do not mind seeing people of other races and other countries wearing the Kimono. In fact they find it flattering and wouldd encourage anybody to wear one. There are a few other Asian countries who also feel the same way.
Here are my questions for this topic:
1. What is your feelings on Cultural Appropriation?
2. Are is there a way to show another community respect and interest in learning about their culture without seemingly trying to apprpriate it?
3. Would you wear a kimono?
4. Would you wear a traditional garment of another culture?
5. Do you believe cultural appropriation is out of hand?
6. Do you believe there should be guidlines for what is cultural appropriation?
Most of these questions are based on things i have read or heard people to discuss. And honestly going off personal experience, i believe this is an important discussion to have and explore.
My personal experoence was based off reposting a link to a sugar skull photo on a blog I had. I thought it was beautifully done. I have always enjoyed sugar skull art and find Dia de los Muertos to be a fascinating holiday that I have sought to learn more about. However i was calked a radcist for posting it and for showing interest in knowing more about the customs around this holiday.

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When do you delete someone from your contacts? [Sep. 16th, 2018|10:52 pm]
The Question Club


I have a longterm casual friend who was planning a semi-retirement move out of state last fall, immediately after a vacation somewhere outside the country. I saw her shortly before the vacation, and reminded her I was happy to help organize, pack, clean etc, but she didn’t need me (she has grown kids nearby who planned to help.)

When her tentative moving date was looming, I texted her to see how everything was going. This was her answer. “It’s been crazy and a real whirlwind. Soon as we’re back in the states I'll send more info. On our way home now.”

That was one year ago. Should I assume the crazy whirlwind still has her too busy to get in touch? How long do you go without hearing from someone, before you just understand that they are GONE?

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Need a title for a story [Sep. 16th, 2018|11:49 pm]
The Question Club

Hi everyone! I'm currently writing a story and I need a title for it. I don't usually struggle with titles. I've got pages and pages of them and usually one just jumps out at me, but for this one I'm struggling.

The premise of the story is this: A young man is stabbed after he finishes work by a local drunk that frequents the bar he works at. The reason he gets attacked is because the drunk man has demons from his past that have rendered him mentally unstable and he latches on to the protagonist because he is looking for someone to blame for his past (his past involves alcohol and a murderous mother who killed his brother and then tried to kill him before killing herself). The protagonist thinks he has died and has come back as a ghost, but he's actually in a coma at hospital and is astral projecting. He extracts revenge on the man who stabbed him during his astral projection.

So I've got two titles lined up:

Blood Runs Deep
Bitter Blood.

Which one do you think would fit this story? I'm also open to suggestions if you have other title ideas. Thanks!
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Florence flood food forecast [Sep. 16th, 2018|06:16 pm]
The Question Club

Ok. I didn't get all the rain and wind forecasted.
Florence died down before it got here.
So what can I do with all this ramen noodles and tuna I've stock piled???
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TERF? [Sep. 16th, 2018|05:48 am]
The Question Club

I'm a cis lesbian, and I recently got asked on a date by a transgender woman. She's a friend of a friend, so we've met before, though we hadn't interacted one-on-one. She asked me in a semi-public place while we were slightly away from our friends.

I turned her down and I was accused of being transphobic TERF. Loudly. Two friends stepped up to defend me, but I was rather bewildered.

I know what transphobic means, but what exactly is a TERF? Should I have turned her down in a specific way?
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Aggression (Aha. She meant DESPERATE) :x [Sep. 15th, 2018|04:07 am]
The Question Club

Has anyone ever told you that you came off aggressively? How did you deal with the humiliation, nakedness and shame?

My younger sister takes EVERYTHING I say or do as an act of aggression and I don't know what to do. Apparently, me not speaking further to them after they have dissapointed me is aggressive and I'm beginning to believe them.

Ive dealt with aggression personally so I know what they might be talking about but it makes me scared to think that my totally innocent acts are in reality malicious. Ive personally be in a situation where even just a hug was way wrong.

I dont know how to look at this. Is it possible their perception of me is justified?
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😬 [Sep. 14th, 2018|04:45 pm]
The Question Club


how long is it reasonable to wait for a train to move?

how long must you wait before it is reasonable to think of terrorism as retaliation for wasting your life?  (just thinking, not doing)

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Salt or no salt? [Sep. 14th, 2018|11:37 pm]
The Question Club

Dear community,

Imagine you go through your cupboards, and discover a sealed bag of bath salt, packaged two or three decades ago. Would you take a bath with it?

(I really did find one this year. My answer is in comments.)
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Heartbreak Travels [Sep. 14th, 2018|01:20 pm]
The Question Club


Has anyone travelled with their partner and had the relationship break down while they were abroad? How did it turn out?

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Honesty is the best policy [Sep. 13th, 2018|07:52 pm]
The Question Club

Poll #2085045 More or nah?

Want another "what should I draw" post?

No. Never!
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(no subject) [Sep. 12th, 2018|06:02 pm]
The Question Club

A super giant tropical storm ( fueled by climate change) is bearing down on my fair city.
We will be under water all weekend.
Do I stock pile red or white wine????
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Does anyone have any 【vaporwave】they'd like to share with the rest of the class? [Sep. 10th, 2018|04:43 pm]
The Question Club

(This might be an invitation for certain specific wise guys to get it out of their system.)

If not: is there any other aesthetic that's captivated you? Got specific examples?
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German speaking community in USA [Sep. 10th, 2018|01:31 pm]
The Question Club

Армен Абелян
Where in USA speak in German? Cities, villages? Thank you very much!

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(no subject) [Sep. 9th, 2018|07:02 pm]
The Question Club

Does the buyout of Fox by Disney mean that 'The Simpsons Ride' at Universal Studios will be moved over to Disneyworld?
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subjective cuteness [Sep. 7th, 2018|06:34 pm]
The Question Club


i was mowing and flushed a bunch of juvenile tree frogs onto the side of my house.  i've known some people who are horrified by frogs, but i find them, especially tree frogs, especially barely out of tadpole tree frogs, quite adorable. 😍  is there something that you find adorable that many others might find repulsive?

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Rogue electric bill [Sep. 6th, 2018|11:30 am]
The Question Club

I moved two months ago. Our electric and gas are from the same company that we used at our previous residence (Company A). We transferred service and all was well.

Yesterday I got a bill from the other major utility company in the area, Company B, addressed to "occupant", saying they didn't know who lived there now but we owed them $6 for a very small usage of gas over the past month.

I need to call them but I don't know what to say. Umm, no, Company A is our gas provider? What's the worst they can do, cut off service? Anyone have a similar experience?
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