What's a reasonable tip for a one-man flooring crew?

I'm having vinyl plank flooring installed in four rooms of my townhouse. This is a smaller local business - not a large chain, so the installers are employed directly by the shop. The installation is all being done by one guy, Bob. The condo is currently empty, and I gave Bob permission to leave half of the appliances in the garage rather than move them back in, since I'm replacing those. Appliance moving is included in the labor charge. I'm moving in Tuesday and he has offered to finish up the work by working Saturday morning, so I can resume painting etc. It may be that he's paid by the job rather than by the hour - I didn't ask.

Normally I would make or buy lunch for someone working like this rather than tip in cash, but right now eating/drinking inside with strangers is not happening. I think it would be nice to offer a tip, but how much? The estimated labor charge for this job is about $4100. I want to be considerate but not profligate.

innocence of a child...

Is there a song you used to sing as a child that would give you pause to hear a child sing now?

thought of while listening to the one-hit-wonder of the 70s "Afternoon Delight". My parents had it as an 8 track in the car. I used to love it because I thought it was pretty and about being happy in the afternoon...which it was...

Also, I remember when I worked at Borders Books and Music hearing a little girl loudly singing the chorus to Lady Marmalade and thinking about asking her dad if he knew she was propositioning people in French. 😅

New homeowner surprises

So far in my new townhouse I have discovered a subfloor structure that evokes this response in every handy/building contractor who's visited: "Wow! What is that? I've never seen anything like that before!" and also a lot of dirt and the formerly hidden smell of cat pee but I can't tell exactly where, and contact paper in every cupboard where you can't remove the adhesive without scraping off the laminate...I'm sure I will find more fun things as I go.

What are some WTF/funny/scary things you've found upon moving into a new house or apartment?
Animal Crossing

RIP Yahoo!Answers Mega Quiz

One of the last weird, wild places on the Internet is going away. Yahoo! is shuttering Answers after almost two decades of service. The answers were questionable, the questions even more puzzling. In tribute, I present some of the most giggle worthy questions in poll form.

Poll #2110053 How is babby formed?

What's a cromulent alternate spelling of ouija?

Tick tick tick

Is it rude to fart when someone is crying during a family dinner?

Heck yeah!
No--poot poot away
Depends on the circumstances
Tick tick tick

Can you unbake a cake?

Tick tick tick

Can I tell if a partner is cheating by the way their farts smell?

Huh, I never thought of that
Nothing is impossible.
Tick tick tick

Your new baby announcements arrive, but the print shop made a tragic error! What do your announcements say?

We're gregnart!
We formed babby!
We're perganat with #3!
Tick tick tick
Harry Potter fan till the end

would you go?

(this is a question I found online in another group, what are your thoughts? mine in the comments)

I have a dilemma...One of my best friends announced her engagement and within one week she has planned the wedding that will take place in four months. 

The 2 hour cocktail celebration is nearly 3,000 miles away and will cost our family roughly $2,500-3,000 to attend. 

My milestone birthday is the week before her event and we planned to do something for that time. We also have previously scheduled to be with our family that we haven’t seen in 2 years, the week after her event. 

Hubby doesn’t want to go because he said it wasn’t part of our plan or budget, and that the event is very short for that type of travel commitment. 

Should we go and suck it up in order to support our friend, even though we have the other concerns? Our only child is also listed as a beneficiary in the estate of this friend. Thoughts?


maskless horror

Does anyone else have nightmares of being inside a public place and suddenly realizing you're not wearing a mask and you've been breathing heaven knows what for like half an hour?

This dream happens to me so often and it's so unsettling. IRL I don't even leave my apartment to go to the laundry room without a mask, but the dreams persist.
star trek

Which sounds better to you?

Hi peeps, I'm crowdsourcing my homework again. For my entrepreneurship class, we have to come up with a business plan for a pretend business.

Which sounds better to you as the tagline for the business name?

Poll #2109568 Gimme a G!

Which phrasing sounds better to you?

Goodies and Gifts
Gifts and Goodies
Something else (please comment)


"It's one banana, Michael. What could it cost, $10?"

So, my better half had never seen "Arrested Development", and I shared this infamous clip with her. It's become something she says to me when discussing costs of things. It got me thinking about what are some of our favorite quotes from movies/pop culture that have infiltrated our lives and become part of our shared vernacular.

So, with this in mind:
1) What are some of your favorite quotes from movies/pop culture that you frequently say yourself in your daily life?

2) What sayings that are from movies/pop culture that you frequently hear in daily life?

For example: from a former government employee, we got a variation that I just heard at work
"He's just a low level covfefe boy"

Help me with my ugly-ass lamp post

I'm in the process of buying a townhouse condo, and of course there is a COA with its nosey rules. One rule is that we all have to have the same lamp post in front. It looks kind of like this except white. We can't change the style or the color.

Totally not my style - if it were my choice I'd pick something more like this. I hate "colonial" stuff. I plan on repainting it so at least it looks newer/neater, but what else could I do to make it less depressing? Srs and non-srs answers welcome.