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On Car Alarms [Jul. 18th, 2018|08:47 pm]
The Question Club

[Current Location |Mid-week]
[mood |angryangry]

After I was woken up this morning before my alarm went off by someone's car alarm I wondered about two things.

1. Are car alarms even effective anymore, or do we all just ignore them now?

2. When the car owner accidentally sets it off because they didn't disarm the alarm before attempting to enter the car, why does it take so long for them to figure out how to stop it?
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ouch [Jul. 13th, 2018|07:46 am]
The Question Club

About a week ago my daughter dropped the butter dish and the smithereens spread themselves everywhere on the floor of our tiny kitchen. She swept up the glass. Then I swept up the remaining glass, then I vacuumed, then I went over the floor with a wet rag to get anything too small to be vacuumed.

How many more days must pass before I no longer get glass embedded every time I forget and walk into the kitchen barefoot?

DK/DC: How's the weather where you are today?
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New job [Jul. 11th, 2018|05:57 pm]
The Question Club

I am starting a new truck driving job tomorrow.
What are some things I can do to impress my new boss?
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(no subject) [Jul. 8th, 2018|11:50 am]
The Question Club

When you have particularly light and uplifting thoughts, how do you go about overcoming them?
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Help me find this, if it exists [Jul. 8th, 2018|09:25 am]
The Question Club

EDIT: Apparently it does exist - https://www.amazon.ca/dp/B073CWRCWL

Hi peeps, I just can't seem to find this on Google. I have a metal IKEA shelving unit from back in the day. The whole thing is metal - shelves, sides, etc. I have my desk under the unit and there is some space between the monitor and the first shelf that could be used better. I want to hang a small shelf under that first shelf, but all the magnetic shelves I'm finding are either for metal walls (like locker accessories) or magnetic strips. I want something that will hang down. Has anyone seen anything like this? DIY suggestions also welcome.

Pic for reference, click for larger:

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(no subject) [Jul. 7th, 2018|08:52 pm]
The Question Club


When you have particularly dark and depressing thoughts, how do you go about overcoming them?

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Investment advice [Jul. 7th, 2018|08:01 pm]
The Question Club


Back in the day buddies of mine bought massive amounts of worthless Iraqi dinars hoping they would increase in value and make them rich.
All over America there are duffle bags full of worthless paper notes.
(FYI the dinar has held steady at .0008 dinar to the dollar)
What is some crazy investment advice you have heard or invested in?
Did it work?

penny stock stories are especially wanted

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tattoo [Jul. 6th, 2018|12:33 am]
The Question Club

I'm getting my first tattoo in October!

Anything I should know about getting a tattoo?
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(no subject) [Jul. 2nd, 2018|09:16 pm]
The Question Club

[music |Kettel // Lerain]

What are you?

Social reject
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(no subject) [Jun. 30th, 2018|11:37 am]
The Question Club

Hey TQC! Calling all mountain bikers / bikers to this bike newbie's rescue.

Yesterday I got some pretty great news, my boss shared with me what my yearly bonus was going to be. And so I've decided to reward myself with a bike. I've been thinking about it for quite some time. I never had a bike of my own (growing up I always had to use my older sibling's bikes). Anyway I'm looking at helmets and there are different sizes to them. The one I'm looking at says a medium is 55cm-59cm, and a large is 59cm-62cm. Measuring my head it's 59cm. is it better to go for the medium helmet or the large?

Thank you! Thank you!
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Painting help needed [Jun. 30th, 2018|09:58 am]
The Question Club

Do we have any mural artists or painters here?

I have gotten myself into a bit of a pickle.

I got super bored yesterday and painted my wall...with watercolors...over latex paint....

How do I seal this without reactivating the watercolors and smudging everything?

PictureCollapse )
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Surprise! (not in a good way) [Jun. 30th, 2018|07:05 pm]
The Question Club

Does it surprise you to learn that cockroaches appear undisturbed existing in an environment where they are subjected to 30 second blasts of microwaves [of the intensity that would cook food]?
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bras [Jun. 29th, 2018|09:55 am]
The Question Club

If you're a woman or someone who has breasts, I ask: do you wear a bra? I've only worn sports bras a couple days for the last month because I recently got a ribcage tattoo, but due to my lack of presence am seriously liking the idea of not wearing one as default. I hate them.
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Burger Troll [Jun. 22nd, 2018|02:26 pm]
The Question Club


What name should I give for my fast food order?

Capt Kirk
Donald Trump
Burger mc burger face
Col Sanders
George Clooney
Taylor Swift
John Belushi
Abraham Lincoln
Other in comments
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music and smiles [Jun. 20th, 2018|11:26 am]
The Question Club


What's a song that always brings back a happy memory?

I am listening to a Cure CD, and "Just Like Heaven" always takes me back to dancing on the balcony of a dormitory at Tulane in New Orleans with my high school best friend.  I had a crush on an emo punk boy that worked with us, not reciprocated but I was young and could still have hopeful dreams.  We were on a trip with an interest group, away from parents and strict supervision, and feeling free, like the world was open just for us.

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if only... [Jun. 16th, 2018|05:47 pm]
The Question Club


Is there something that was once within the realm of real possibility that you really wanted to do or be (maybe still do), but you have had to accept that it's never going to happen for you?  Did you expend a lot of effort trying to achieve it before letting go, or are you still trying?  How did you get over the loss, forgive yourself for failing, and let it go?

i played "doctor" today.  a coworker collapsed.  there wasn't a lot i could do but monitor her pulse and make sure she continued to breathe until the ambulance came, but it stimulated my diagnostic mind and reminded me of the GOOD parts of medicine...the physical and mental care of patients and puzzle solving.  but even more so, it stirred up the pain and loss of the permission, if that is the right word, of actually continuing my training and being licensed to practice independently.  i find it so difficult to accept that i am pretty much incapable at this point of mentally and physically handling residency again.  the failure feels unforgiveable, which is usually why i try to suppress all memories of that time (well, most of my life, actually).  i couldn't walk away from my coworker, though.  i fear my psychological failure nightmares will start again tonight.

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Has anybody ever... [Jun. 15th, 2018|09:54 pm]
The Question Club

Has anybody ever experienced that weird thing in life where you think you look fairly 'ok', so you take a photo of yourself but somehow, you look tragically ugly in the photo?

What is actually going on there?
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Do you dab or smear? [Jun. 14th, 2018|10:03 pm]
The Question Club

[Current Location |Thursday night]
[mood |hungryhungry]

In that one well-known scene in the 1996 version of The Birdcage, Robin Williams is teaching Nathan Lane "to act like a man." Part of it is putting mustard on a sandwich. As Lane takes a spoon and dribbles mustard on his toasted sandwich bread. Williams insists that "men smear" their condiments on their sandwiches.

The scene I'm refering to.

So my question is; when putting condiments on your sandwich (if you're getting it out of a jar) do you dab or do you smear?
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Spam spam spam G spam [Jun. 12th, 2018|11:32 am]
The Question Club


Spam in my Gmail is posting  notifications in my calendar. I have disabled calendar permission for Gmail but I am still getting the alerts.
What else can I do TQC? This is annoying

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(no subject) [Jun. 12th, 2018|01:18 am]
The Question Club

So I got drunk and puked on myself at a wedding.

How do you get over a embarrassing moment, TQC?
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