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WHILE YOU WERE GONE [Jul. 16th, 2016|07:59 am]
The Question Club


This morning i found out for the last three days there has been a coup happening  in Turkey.
Now I had been aware of the tragedy in France.
Totally missed the coup thing.
Which begs the question ... what major news stories/ events have you missed because you were either too busy or unaware?

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Who You Gonna Call? [Jul. 16th, 2016|02:04 am]
The Question Club

[music |867-5309/Jenny]

This post is about pay-phones; those rarities that I do find are often dead as a doornail.
Seriously, they would be far more useful as nails than communication devices.

So, you are out in public and you have no cell phone. It either doesn't exist (DEAR GOD IS THAT POSSIBLE), you're broke & out of minutes, it's dead Jim (no charger), you forgot it, or the damned thing is broken, and you really need to make a phone call: What do you do?

What is the etiquette in this situation? the call you made cannot be completed as dialed...Collapse )


Do you have an interesting, "Oh crap I've got no phone" story to share?
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Time zones [Jul. 15th, 2016|10:31 am]
The Question Club
For those of you who grew up in a country with only one time zone, how often did you think about time zones? If you visited a country that had multiple time zones, did it confuse you? Here in the U.S. I feel like we are always thinking about that, like, "If I'm in California and I have to call someone in New York, what time will it be there?" or "If something airs on TV at 7:00 in Denver, what time will it air in Dallas?" We automatically calculate it in our heads without thinking too much about it. Obviously everyone is familiar with time zones, but is it the same in, say, Europe? If you live in Germany are you always calculating what time it is in London, or Athens, or does it not play a big part in your life?
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Nous Sommes Unis [Jul. 15th, 2016|09:08 am]
The Question Club


Twitter this morning opines in response to the Nice massacre: "Fear will never win. Love always wins."

Do you believe this? Does love always win?

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Inheritance [Jul. 15th, 2016|09:15 am]
The Question Club

Imagine you're old and have a good bit of money so you decide to make a will. It's no fortune but it's substancial enough for each family member to pay off a mortgage or student loan etc. In your family you have:

Your children (between 50-60 y/o)
Grandchildren (between 20-30 y/o)
Great-grandchildren (between 1-10 y/o)

Lets assume you're on good terms and they're all doing fairly well (middle class). You trust them to not waste the money.

How do you divide the inheritance? Do you:

Divide it only between your kids?
Divide it between the kids and grandkids?
Divide it evenly between everyone and put the great-grandkids money into a college/savings account?
Not bother with the kids because they're already almost retired and have paid off their mortgages and give it to grandkids and/or great-grandkids?
Divide it by how much you feel each family member needs the money?
Something else?

DKDC: Do you have a will?
DKDC2: If you got a substancial amount of money from an inheritance, what would you do with it?
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let's talk tattoos [Jul. 15th, 2016|01:22 am]
The Question Club

Do you have tattoos? If yes, what of? (Pics welcome.)

If you don't have tattoos (or hell, even if you do) which ones would you like to get?

Any tips for someone thinking of getting a tattoo?

(Heck, feel free to share pics of cool tattoos even if they aren't yours.)
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(no subject) [Jul. 14th, 2016|03:25 pm]
The Question Club

7 weeks ago I got my ears pierced at a 6 gauge size. as of right now, the piercings are still secreting a little lymph and I feel like they're really itchy. they don't look red or anything. is this normal? these are the only piercings I've ever had (aside from getting my ears pierced with a shitty gun when I was 5 years old).
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Things to do in downtown LA? [Jul. 14th, 2016|11:46 am]
The Question Club

I'm going to be in downtown Los Angeles for one day in October. I plan to visit the National Japanese-American Museum and poke around in Little Tokyo (my hotel is right near there). I was also thinking about heading over toward Olvera Street. I checked the Music Center, and there isn't anything I'm interested in seeing on the day I'm there. I won't have wheels, and am looking for things in walking distance.

Any other must-sees in downtown LA?
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(no subject) [Jul. 13th, 2016|01:07 pm]
The Question Club

What fires have you put out lately?
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can I get some service over here? [Jul. 13th, 2016|12:56 pm]
The Question Club

You pay for a service that is not completed to your satisfaction (or as advertised). Do you take it up with management for redemption or do you demand a refund and take your business elsewhere?
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On the Topic of Werk [Jul. 12th, 2016|08:21 pm]
The Question Club

When/how did you know it was time to leave your last job?
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date of first date [Jul. 12th, 2016|07:27 pm]
The Question Club

tl;dr backstory summarized: a friend who's over 40 and has been married/divorced and dated a lot has the anniversary of his first date with current girlfriend marked on his calendar.

Do you recall the specific day/month/year you first got together with your SO?
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European travels [Jul. 11th, 2016|08:42 pm]
The Question Club

I know there's a decent handful of people around these parts who enjoy traveling. I decided I'm taking a trip in November. We are going to fly out of NYC, likely into London, as it's pretty cheap to get there from the US. We intend to fly from London to our primary destination for about 6 days or so, and then back to London to catch our roundtrip flight back home. I would really like to stay in a coastal city, despite the weather. We intend to rock climb, but it won't be our primary focus, and there's rock climbing everywhere along the coasts anyways, so most likely we will be able to find something to climb regardless of where we go.

Any suggestions? Places you've been along the coasts of Europe that I just absolutely have to see before I die? I'm in to the whole experiencing the culture, people watching, cheap thrills thing. Not much into tourist-traps. I won't be hopping on the London Eye or anything :)
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Unicorns [Jul. 11th, 2016|01:52 pm]
The Question Club


If Westeros had unicorns, which of these do you think would be true?

It would be a happier place
The unicorns would be slaughtered and eaten
Wtf is Westeros?

Can you name any fantasy novels/series with unicorns in them? I can only come up with three. (Harry Potter, The Orphan's Tales, and The Last Unicorn.)
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How many TQCers does it take to change a lightbulb? [Jul. 11th, 2016|06:56 pm]
The Question Club

This is going to sound so darn stupid, but I can't seem to get this light cover off to change the bulb.
There are no pins to be undone, we have tried pulling it, rotating/unscrewing it and pushing up then pulling.
We even tried a knife to wedge it off, but it wants to bring the ceiling down with it.

TQC, will you please help me change the lightbulb in my bathroom????Collapse )
Can anyone help?
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Who you calling a pig? [Jul. 10th, 2016|08:27 pm]
The Question Club

Poll #2049032 Yo Piglet

In A A Milnes classic WINNIE THE POO what animal is PIGLET??

a racoon
an armadillo
a marmot
a hamster
a striped bandicoot
a meerkat
an anteater
a rabbit
a squirrel
other in comments
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nom nom nom [Jul. 10th, 2016|05:52 pm]
The Question Club

Do you ever feel like eating is a chore? Sometimes I just wish I could pop a pill that would act as a meal replacement so I wouldn't have to take the time. I put off eating lunch today for several hours because I didn't feel like preparing any of my meal options, of which all were pretty easy. I love food and I love eating, but sometimes I just don't feel like bothering with it. This only occurs when I'm home, of course. Is that unusual?
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Miniature Palm dying but not [Jul. 10th, 2016|05:04 pm]
The Question Club

So I have a miniature palm that had 5 full stalks on it. My cat chewed the stem right before it fans out into leaves on one stalk, so the leaves all died but the stem is still alive and strong. Then a stalk on the opposite side just wilted and died out of nowhere, when it was perfectly unharmed. Meanwhile, a new sprout was emerging this whole time, so the plants obviously not dying. I was wondering if anybody knew what was going on, if it had something to do with it being the opposite side of the stalk that got half bit off, if they were somehow connected? And why isnt the stem that had its leaf part bit off dying yet? Will it regrow leaves?
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(no subject) [Jul. 10th, 2016|11:56 am]
The Question Club

Hey! I get a new login ID for work every 60 days, and my last login had the characters "TQC" in it and I thought to myself, "The Question Club! I haven't been there in years!" And then i remembered my LJ password, so I thought I'd check in.

How are y'all doing? Are you surprised this place still exists? What did I miss in the last seven years?
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(no subject) [Jul. 10th, 2016|05:17 pm]
The Question Club

With a printer, which d.p.i is better for photo printing:

4800 x 2400?
5760 x 1440?
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