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Click bait [Dec. 12th, 2017|07:20 pm]
The Question Club


How easily do you click on click bait?
What is your click bait kryptonite?

Apparently mine is 'Smells like teen spirit' played on a traditional Korean gayageum

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Help me buy wine for my dad? [Dec. 12th, 2017|01:32 pm]
The Question Club

My dad is super hard to Christmas shop for. It's not that he's picky, it's more that he doesn't collect anything, or feel there is anything he needs all that much. What he does love is wine, red wine. Preferably Cabernet Sauvignon or Pinot Noir. His favorite is called Jordan. Him and mom used to drink it on special occasions, and it has very good memories for him now that she's gone.

Unfortunately, it's not in my budget this year. Since I do know it's a fave, I'd like to get him something similar in taste, but that is in the $20-25 range instead. Can anyone recommend something else you think he'd like, based on his love of Jordan? I can't drink red, so I have no idea what would be similar.

From BevMo's page: A wonderful Cabernet Sauvignon expressing dark fruit aromas of blackberry, blueberry and cassis with just a note of cocoa; smooth tannins and nice backbone on the aftertaste.

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Someone threw a wrench in my google-fu! [Dec. 12th, 2017|09:52 am]
The Question Club

I'm usually good at scouring the internet, but I've searched for a solid 30 minutes with absolutely no luck. What I'm looking for I thought would be easy to find: some free, printable math exercises at a middle school level. EVERYTHING I've seen is for charge. If it's NOT me, can someone please point me to some dark corner of the internet where I've not yet ventured? Here's what I'm looking for:

* Simplifying fractions
* Operations (addition, subtraction, multiplication and division) with fractions
* Operations with decimals
* Operations with percentages (including finding percentages of whole numbers. For example, 25% of the number 40.)
* Converting between fractions, decimals and percentages
* Operations with negative numbers
* Solving roots and powers
* Operations with numbers elevated to powers

Thanks for your help!
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Soft bouncy sleep surface [Dec. 11th, 2017|02:47 pm]
The Question Club


I have a fairly firm mattress that's still in good shape. I like it, but I have slowly come to understand that it is way too firm, and as I get older and have more aches and pains, it is starting to affect my sleep - I actually wake up from the pain.

Can I get away with buying an extra pillow top to improve the mattress I have, or do I need to invest in a new one?

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(no subject) [Dec. 9th, 2017|08:40 pm]
The Question Club


Been wanting to rename myself because I've always despised my current name and I also don't feel that it really fits me. Which middle name do you prefer for Helena (Hel-ay-na)? Last name will be either Fleming or Rosemann-Fleming.

Helena Bridget Fleming/Rosemann-Fleming
Helena Victoria Fleming/Rosemann-Fleming
Helena Caroline Fleming/Rosemann-Fleming
Helena Abigail Fleming/Rosemann-Fleming
Helena Valerie Fleming/Rosemann-Fleming
Helena Iris Fleming/Rosemann-Fleming
Helena Vivien Fleming/Rosemann-Fleming
Helena Daphne Fleming/Rosemann-Fleming
Helena Annabelle Fleming/Rosemann-Fleming
Other (leave suggestions in the comments. They have to be sophisticated and girly and no weird spellings or anything with -lynn/lyn or -leigh)

I've been wanting to change it since I was little.  It's not my style and isn't beautiful to me. I don't feel that my name fits with my siblings' either.  They all have nice classic first names and their middle names all honor someone while mine is a trendy 80's name that now sounds dated, paired with an ugly, boring, unfeminine middle name.

I hate my first name Amanda because it was super popular when I was growing up (there were like 3-4 other kids in my class every year  with the same name and I had to use my last initial, so I was always Amanda M) and every other girl at my school or neighborhood with that name was mean to me and I was even physically bullied by some of them. 

My middle name Lynn was originally a surname and a masculine name.  It wasn't used much for girls until the early 20th century, then the girls eventually took it over like they did with a lot of other traditionally male names/surnames (Avery, Mackenzie, Madison/Addison, Aubrey, Mckenna/Mackenna/Makenna, Kennedy, Riley, Payton/Peyton, Finley, Everly, Emerson, etc...).  I hate boys' names for girls.  Just because they're popular for girls doesn't make them feminine.

My new first name will definitely be Helena, nickname Laney because my late maternal grandmother's middle name was Helen.  I'm still trying to find the right middle name to go with it.  Feel free to suggest some.  My top two were Bridget and Vivien (I spell it this way because Vivian was originally the male spelling and Vivien was the female one until Vivian went to the girls' side), but now I'm not sure they're "me".  Helena has been in the US top 1000 since the Social Security Administration started keeping records of names in 1880 (its highest rank was 194 in 1881.  Familiar without being too common.  It was ranked at 815 the year I was born and is at 518 now.  It's a classic too and I love that).  Yeah, I'm a name nerd.  lol  Been interested in them since I was a kid.

As far as my last name goes, it's a common Irish one that's also a name of a restaurant.  It made me an even easier target for bullies, but I also am not very close to a majority of my late father's family.  We don't talk outside of emails or Facebook and I get birthday and Christmas money, Christmas cookies, and family photos from my aunts here and there, that's about it.

Rosemann was my grandmother's best friend's surname and Fleming was my mom's and grandmother's maiden name.

The name change will be unofficial for now, because I can't afford to legally change it yet.  I'd go by Helena/Laney except on legal documents if I can find a way to convince my stubborn family to call me that (They know how I feel about my current name.  My grandpa calls me Laney now, but pretty much everyone else thinks I'll grow out of it eventually, which I won't or they call me a drama queen and just shut me down emotionally).

Have any of you felt this way about your name?  What about now?

DK/DC:  What are your plans for Christmas, Hanukkah, or whatever holiday it is you celebrate?  Did you decorate and buy/receive gifts yet?
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(no subject) [Dec. 8th, 2017|07:30 am]
The Question Club

What was your favorite song you heard for the first time this year?
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RBF [Dec. 5th, 2017|02:23 pm]
The Question Club


If women have 'resting biotch face' (so  i am told)....what would you call the same type of facial expression on a man?

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(no subject) [Dec. 1st, 2017|08:05 pm]
The Question Club

I run into this problem every year at this time. I have an aunt, 2 uncles and 2 cousins that we see on Christmas. My cousins are now married (not to each other) with children. I'm tempted to get gift cards for the cousins and toys for their babies. But I am getting actual presents for my aunt and uncles. Is it weird to get gift cards for some adults and actual presents for others? I just feel like the people who will just get gift cards will feel cheated when other people get presents. I usually end up getting presents for everyone but it's so stressful.
Edited to add I should probably say that my mother passed away in June, and this is her side of the family-so maybe I should do something nice for everyone? I dunno.
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Potluck pot roast not chicken pot pie [Nov. 22nd, 2017|08:52 pm]
The Question Club


So tonight i ordered the chicken pot pie but got the pot roast instead. The server said they were out of pot pie and substitited the pot roast instead. Seeing as it was closing time and we were the last customers in the place and i have no moral objections to pot roast i accepted it without further ado.

Have you ever ordered one thing and gotten something completely different? What did you do?
What would you have done if you were in my place?

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holidays from hell [Nov. 22nd, 2017|05:49 pm]
The Question Club

Have you/your family experienced a mishap large or small in conjunction with a major holiday, particularly one where families gather for festive dinners and parties? Like a turkey that never thawed, a snowstorm that kept you in an airport for days, fire or flood, CABLE SERVICE NOT WORKING (the horror)?

I'm remembering the Thanksgiving where 3/5 of our party got a serious stomach bug, or maybe it was food poisoning...right after dinner and all night long. Our guest escaped unscathed to her own house, and my father, who didn't get sick, was left to deal with the considerable mess.
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Internet rabbit holes,.... [Nov. 20th, 2017|09:02 pm]
The Question Club

We've all done it.

You started off in some normal, regular, average part of the internet researching something innocuous like the National Defense Budget or googling "What are gargoyles for?" and suddenly, and without (too much) warning you are in some strange, dark, surreal corner of the internet which apparently EVERYONE (or perhaps NO ONE) knows about but you.

I remember when I found the ASMR community and freestyle canoeing on YouTube about almost a decade ago just clicking on video after video going, "Really? No,... REALLY!?"
Because, well... who knew?
Not me. I didn't know.

I distinctly remember spending a day, fascinated, watching world class team equestrian vaulting and when Sailor found me that evening, still huddled around the computer, feverishly describing the spectacle and humming Europop hits I think he might have worried that my own mother's mental illness might not be lurking in my grey matted matter, too.

Today I spent the day listening to storytelling/poetry from the Minnesota Men's Conference in the 1980s.


What were some of your most memorable trips down the internet rabbit hole discovering something totally alien (and fascinating, and SFW) to you? Links?

Are you old enough to have done this sort of thing in real life, at a library through real honest-to-god books where a random "Hhmmm.... what's THIS?" turns into an accidental dive into a previously unknown to you topic/idea/experience?
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Since We're All Thinking About Kitchens And Food And Such.... [Nov. 18th, 2017|06:09 pm]
The Question Club

Do you consider microwave ovens to be an absolute necessity in the kitchen?

My microwave is going out and for the first time ever I'm considering not replacing it. All we use it for is reheating coffee or (very rarely) leftovers. My kitchen is small and I'm coveting the kitchen space where that boxy old microwave sits. My stylin' new Instant Pot could go there (pic behind cut):
Wanna see?Collapse )

So what do you think, TQC? Microwave = must have, yes or no?
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Turkey Trot [Nov. 18th, 2017|08:02 am]
The Question Club

As a trickier follow-up to questions regarding Halloween Music - let us ask what should or could be THANKSGIVING MUSIC?

What immediately came to my mind was the theme to The Peanuts Gang, but feel free to offer lesser known legitimate tunes, make personal nominations, or get creative with musical suggestions (perhaps the theme to Yu-Gi-Yoh would suit your get togethers best)!

dk/dc: If you don't celebrate Thanksgiving (though you're still welcome to make suggestions), what food is a must-have at your dinner gatherings? Do you make it yourself, buy it, or is it someone else's special dish?
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(no subject) [Nov. 15th, 2017|10:58 pm]
The Question Club

I'm sure you have, at some point, scrolled through your FB and seen some inspirational quote, or some great story of personal triumph, or some pithy motivating piece of prose or whatever, that has been misattributed to someone famous. Let's say you happen to know that the person who was "quoted" in fact never said the thing the meme claims (shocker!).

1. Does that bother you?
2. Have you ever told the poster that it's misattributed? What was their reaction?
3. Have you ever posted something and had someone tell you it was misattributed? What was your reaction?

Inspired by the following memes under the cut, which I constantly see popping up
The George Carlin one is the most offensive, IMHOCollapse )

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(no subject) [Nov. 14th, 2017|07:13 pm]
The Question Club

Do you participate in Christmas gift exchanges? Where? At work? Online? With friends?

(And yes, I am promoting but join this year's its_a_tqc_xmas and join our small gift and/or holiday card exchange.)
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Selfie power [Nov. 13th, 2017|09:55 pm]
The Question Club


Do you have a current selfie you are proud of?
Care to share?

Ok....this is a blatant passive aggresive picture post. Mine is in comments. JSYK

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Where to publish an invitation to an online study? [Nov. 13th, 2017|05:47 pm]
The Question Club


I am working toward my PhD in Organizational Psychology and I will run a study to fulfill the program's requirement.

In this study, the focus will be on pairs of people who have established an online relationship with each other by the means of chatting or texting. I think this will be a fun and engaging experience for the participants. I have even created a page with description of the study, but I have no idea where to post the invitation.

Do any of you have participated in online studies or invited people to part take in one? What kind of platform did you use, where this kind of advertisement is appropriate? Any suggestions are welcomed!

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Moving Day [Nov. 13th, 2017|01:45 pm]
The Question Club

I am moving from one town to another, about an hour away.

I have never used movers before but am interested in doing so this time around, would you think I should contact companies in the town I currently live or in the town to which I am moving?

Any moving tips or tricks you care to give me?

Tell me about the last time you moved!?
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pr0n [Nov. 12th, 2017|06:05 pm]
The Question Club

[mood |nastalgic]

I remember back when I FIRST herd about pr0n. And then I had to equate it with porn. Yes. I was always a bit slow.
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What. Is. This? [Nov. 10th, 2017|08:59 am]
The Question Club

My niece earned this....whatever this is...as a fundraising prize through her school. It came in a white bag with no instructions about what it is or how to use it...Can any of you shed some light? What is this odd contraption??


Edit: It's a phone holder!!!

A big thank you to dark_angel924!!
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