Spacefem (spacefem) wrote in thequestionclub,

how does call ahead seating work?

restaurant: "How can we help you?"
me: "I'd like to make a reservation for 7:00"
restaurant: "Oh we don't take reservations, but you can do call ahead seating."
me: "Okay. Four of us will be there at 7."
restaurant: "Great we've got you down for 7."

TQC I did some googling on this and still don't understand the difference between call ahead and reservations... the gist I got was that call ahead is like "there's a waiting list and we put your name on it now as if you sent a guy from your group to sit here", where as reservation is like "there's a table with your name on it at 7"

But we made this call at like 3 in the afternoon, at a restaurant that's not all that busy. Does that mean as soon as we show up at 7 we get to jump ahead of anyone who called in or showed up after 3 in the afternoon? Like, next table is ours?

I don't mind waiting for tables I'm just confused about the system.
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