mylittlerants (mylittlerants) wrote in thequestionclub,

Uber & Lyft

For you Uber & Lyft drivers out there, do you rent a car to drive?

Was it pretty straight forward? Any major or small setbacks that happened through the rental process?

What is your personal experience with this?

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I shun uber, lyft or any of those other ride-sharing services. I catch Licensed cabs. I have family who have cab licenses, and work for established Taxi companies.
it's too bad cab companies aren't all fair and decent to their customers, or their drivers for that matter. It's a big part of why Uber and Lyft are giving them such competition in this area.
It's too bad Uber isn't fair and decent to their customers or their drivers, either.
I don't have experience with Uber so I couldn't say but I do know the cab companies around here are pretty bad.
it does seem odd they'd have customers who use them repeatedly if they're bad like cab companies.
I'd say they're each bad in their own ways. One of the things that Uber has done very well is make it easy to get a car to take you somewhere and then pay afterwards. If you're not in the right part of Manhattan with yellow taxis constantly streaming by, and if you don't know how to reach a local cab company, Uber made it easy to get a car. That convenience buys some amount of goodwill. It doesn't mean that they're treating their customers well, and it definitely doesn't mean that they're treating their drivers well.
I'd hazard a guess in any case that customers would rather pay less for shoddy treatment.

WHY would you rent a car to drive????
Do you not understand profit/loss/overhead??
The whole point is USE YOUR OWN CAR

All you need to know is right here.


February 16 2017, 11:38:22 UTC 3 days ago Edited:  February 16 2017, 13:22:13 UTC

1. I'm not sure either company will allow drivers to use anything but their own vehicles to do their driving.

2. Most rental companies will not let you rent their cars to use for this purpose, and you might risk breaking the law to do so.
Uber definitely has drivers who rent cars through them. They partner with car rental companies.

"Vehicle solutions

Need a car? We can connect you to partners who offer exclusive vehicle deals that can get you on the road and earning. Many offer no mileage caps and flexible return policies so you can drive and earn as much as you want."

- from their website.
hmm interesting. sounds like there's a symbiotic relationship which means Uber probably has a financial incentive to allow that.
I'd have to see the fine print to decide if that made much sense or not.


February 16 2017, 11:59:45 UTC 3 days ago Edited:  February 16 2017, 12:00:44 UTC

The point of Uber, Lyft, et al. is to wring financial gain from the sunk cost of owning a car (you've already paid for it to exist in your possession, so you might as well make money from it); the only additional cost is gas and your time. If you have to sink that cost in the first place by renting a car, the gain from doing so is going to be much less--quite possibly negative.

Also, if I rented cars out, there's no way I'd rent to someone who intended to do that.
MMmmmmmm 'sunk cost' keep talking bb...... all that dirty economic talk....
There's nothing I like more than a curvy production possibilities frontier with lots of externalities to consider.


February 17 2017, 04:02:25 UTC 3 days ago Edited:  February 17 2017, 04:04:18 UTC

oh oh externalities.... You'll have me doing my own google searches soon...

A case of assymetric information, no doubt...
Information is only one of my many asymmetries.
I imagine that with the mileage you'd put on the car in a short time as well as the length of time you'd have to rent a car, you probably wouldn't make much. Paying for gas, getting the insurance for the rental because I'm sure Uber/Lyft require you to carry some insurance in order to drive with them, etc....I honestly wouldn't even sign up a driver who didn't have a car registered to them to drive if I ran the company. It's just too much of a risk. Driving a cab might not be the best occupation for someone who doesn't own a car.