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1:Do you listen to podcasts?
2:If you do, which ones?
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NPR Story of the Day
Planet Money
This American Life
Tiny Desk Concerts (NPR Music)
Live in Concerts (NPR Music)
San Francisco Symphony
My Favorite Murder
Welcome to Night Vale
Oh yes, loves podcasts on my work commute

Cognitive Dissonance
Hardcore History
The Thinking Atheist

(Among others)
(In no particular order.)

Oh yeah, and Season One of Serial blew me away. I haven't listened to Season Two yet.
Dan Carlin is fantastic. His politics podcast is good too.

Thinking Atheist is pretty good too. I like his holiday specials.
Tales to Terrify
NIghtmare Magazine Podcast
Welcome to Nightvale
Last Podcast on the Left
I listen to Tales to Terrify also! Have you tried No Sleep, and Chilling Tales? You might also like The Lift, it's more fantasy than horror. It takes place in modern day but the main character, Victoria, is a little girl from the Victorian era who lives in an old building at takes random people on rides in her elevator which take them on some sort of journey to teach them something. Sometimes it's a darker lesson sometimes it's more positive, depending on the person and what they need to learn.
Psudopod is so good. Then again all the Escape Artists pods are great.
Wittertainment. It's a weekly film review podcast, but mostly I listen for the banter between the two hosts.
Welcome to Night Vale (and other podcasts produced by "Night Vale Presents.")

Spam Spam Spam Humbug. It's a gaming podcast produced by the Ultima Dragons. They usually talk about a specific topic, but often the conversation goes way off topic. (I've actually gotten to sit in on two episodes of this one.)

The Alexandria Archives. Horror themed, kind of like Night Vale in that it's in the format of a "radio show," but on the college ratio station of the fictional "Alexandria University" (Iä! Iä Wendigos!) The show's still finding its footing, and there are some severe tonal shifts sometimes between comedy and outright horror, but I like it so far. (Disclaimer, I know the dude in real life who writes it.)

- Not really a podcast, but I listen to episodes of "Far Lands or Bust" while working. (Even though it's technically a Minecraft "Let's Play" series, it's just walking, always westward, and the real focus is on the various topics Kurt talks about - the audio is the focus, not the video, so it works well as a podcast.)


February 8 2017, 14:49:26 UTC 1 week ago Edited:  February 8 2017, 14:50:09 UTC

I listen to a bunch of NPR podcasts. Planet Money, Fresh Air, Hidden Brain, Invisibilia, Radio Ambulante, This American Life, Code Switch, NPR Politics, Serial
The Daily
Latino USA
Love + Radio
The Heart
The Allusionist
The Memory Palace
Comic Geek Speak
The Mortified Podcast
Crime Town
Tom vs. Comics vs. Hate
Why Are People Into That?!

And because I listen to way too many things, I lost track of Welcome to Nightvale but would love to try and catch up someday.

I'm the type who, when they discover a new podcast, goes back and downloads all the episodes they've missed and am therefore tragically backlogged. And now I'm going to have to go through this and try a bunch of new ones. Thank you!
Wait Wait Don't Tell Me

Lately I've been listening to the Car Talks that are up as Podcasts. Fun stuff :)
I wish Car Talk was still on the air, new ones I mean.
Me too. It's weird listening and all the cars being references are like 1980s stuff. Any time something happens to my car, I always wish I could call them. They were hilarious.


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I generally don't, but when I used to, I really liked:

The Joe Rogan Experience
Jay and Silent Bob Get Old
Plus One

The last two are both Kevin Smith podcasts. I went through all of Plus One and am really disappointed that they haven't made any more. It was really fun to listen to them talk about their lives. Kevin Smith manages to be one of the few celebrities I listen to and think, "Huh, this guy seems like he'd be a good friend."
...only 60 or so...

Do you want the full list, or recommendations?
I'm not the OP but I'd be interested in either or both.


February 9 2017, 18:53:59 UTC 1 week ago Edited:  February 9 2017, 19:20:38 UTC

Laughing and the weird:
Welcome to Night Vale: What can I say that hasn't been said already? Well, I can't say it because a Mysterious and Vaguely Menacing Government Agency won't let me.
Kakos Industries: You know those "evil corporations" from spy movies? What if they had to do the same business BS that other companies did? Like, issue a weekly stockholder report. Corin Deeth III deadpans his reports on demon attacks, the Festival Of Darkness, hostile takeovers, and the latest developments in the field of Evil. The numbers this week are 23, 14, 7, 7, 23, 1,436,247,113, 4.
Hello From the Magic Tavern: Artie Necamp fell through a dimensional portal to the magical land of Foon. He can't get back, but he gets a weak wifi signal which he uses to upload a podcast he does every week, interviewing the denizens of the magical land. The fun thing about this podcast? Completely improvised.
The Thrilling Adventure Hour: Now departed, but almost a decades worth of shows to catch up on. Regular series (Sparks Nevada, Marshal on Mars!, Beyond Belief) and shorter bits. Well worth the listen.
Psudopod / Escape Pod / PodCastle : All three are done by the same group. Short stories done by great voice actors. Very worth a listen.
Fireside Mystery Theatre: Live action done in the style of old-time radio. Quite a bit more serious then TAH.
Boxcars 711 Old Time Radio Pod: The real stuff from back in the day. Bob Camardella uploads about five every day, and curates them, so you get Christmas shows around Christmas time, and the like.
The Dead Authors Podcast: Sadly done, but the backlog is impressive. Paul F. Tompkins (Thrilling Adventure Hour, tons more) is HG Wells, and takes his time machine to interview famous authors through time. Warning: Go to the bathroom before you listen, or risk pants-wetting.
BBC Comedy of the Week: A random comedy show from the BBC that week. Lots of names you'll recognize. From standup, to sketch, to news quizzes.
Special Shoutouts to the other podcasts from the WTNV crew: Alice isn't Dead was great. Between the Wires was good, but the Flying Circus of the Air didn't quite hit it for me. YMMV.


February 9 2017, 18:54:18 UTC 1 week ago Edited:  February 9 2017, 19:21:18 UTC

Being smarter then everyone else you know:
Hardcore History: Dan Carlin takes a microscope to history. From the Mongol Invasions, to the Indian Wars, to the Roman Empire. His recent series on WWI (Blueprint for Armageddon) was AMAZING.
Myths & Legends: Jason Weiser reads through random myths... including the stuff you thought you knew. Get the real scoop on Cinderella, King Arthur and Coyote. He also does a "creature of the week" feature.
You Are Not So Smart: All the mental delusions we all struggle with... as people and as a culture. From logical fallacies to psychological traits. Also: cookies.
The Thinking Atheist: A show that harps on one topic gets dull, The Thinking Atheist avoids that by being fresh and different. They still talk atheist issues, but also interview authors, scientists, and do special shows. I expecially like his shows during Halloween (where he reads stories and talks about urban myths... Seth Andrews has a creepy voice when he wants...) and Christmas.
Kick Ass Oregon History: Yes, yes, my native state. You may not care. But if you have any interest in Oregon at all, you'll love hearing about the Rajishneeshies, Tusko the Elephant, the Portland Police, Indian Massacres, and Hippy music festivals.
99% Invisible: Nate DeMann takes a look at design. It's EVERYWHERE, yet we never notice it. The kids on the back of milk cartons. The sounds that an iPhone makes, water fountains, The Three Point Shot. Eclectic as hell. Wonderful.
Revisionist History: Discusses all the historical "facts" you know, and why they simply aren't true.


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Stuff You Should Know
Stuff Your Mom Never Told You (this one, the hosts recently quit, I don't know if the show will end or they'll get new hosts but right now it's just repeats so I assume it's the first)
The Lift
Tales to Terrify
No Sleep
Chilling Tales
Jim Harold's Campfire
Real Ghost Stories Online
Jack Benny
Sleep With Silk ASMR Triggers
This Week in Tech
Security Now
I like true crime podcasts but I get annoyed with the hosts and usually don't stick them out through the whole series. Too many just use so much filler. Most recently I was listening to Up and Vanished, but after he spent two episodes dedicated to a guy trolling him on the net, I gave up on it. I mean wtf. You're obviously out of material, mate.
The only one I listen to somewhat regularly is the Dave Ramsey show. I'm going to check out some of the ones in the comments so I'm glad you asked this question!!
Mental Illness Happy Hour
Fantastic pod.