Kengwen (kengwen) wrote in thequestionclub,

relationships & feelings

Imagine you are in a committed relationship of 9 years. Your spouse now wants a divorce.

1) Are your feelings/reactions to this news different if you receive it:
a) as a written note when you arrive home from work on a Wednesday night (alone, spouse not present), vs
b) in a verbal conversation? (In person? On the telephone?)

2) If you think your feelings/reactions would be different based on how you were informed, describe how you think they would be different?

3) What about other factors, such as if the news comes on a day you arrive home from work late and have to be up really early for a really long shift the next day, vs finding out at a time that has less other/non-relationship stressors?
What is the "best" and "worst" time/way to hear this news?
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