szarabasjka (szarabasjka) wrote in thequestionclub,

Does any of you ever had a stalker?

I haven't ever met anyone else with this problem.

I had a bf who followed me everywhere, he used to go to work and make scenes out of jealousy  and threatened me.

When I finally broke up with him he told me that I had to ask him to take me back because that was how we would end anyway.  he started being down right creepy, used to be anywhere, from work to the grocery store, he more than once signed for packages sent to my address when I wasn't home. once he parked outside my house for two days after I refused to talk to him, he used to come every now and then and peek inside through windows. he used to leave presents for me at the door or knock and try to give me the presents directly.

It stopped when a friend spent a week at my house and I had a restraining order, still every now and then I see him near my house, even if he lives over an hour away or more.
I'm asking because today I saw him in my block again. he was sitting on my lawn and when I finally parked he wasn't there anymore, my neighbor said he's been there the entire day and now I'm freaked out.

Is there a way to deal with this? that doesn't includes police? (because seriously I've been said that unless he attempts to get into my house they can't help.) you think direct violence would work?
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