Mindy (fizzbuzz) wrote in thequestionclub,

Worst in the room

When was the last time you were the worst person in the room, and how did you get past that feeling of worthlessness and not give up?

I'm on a fresh meat course for roller derby, and the other people on my course are WAY better than me. I'm really struggling with the fact that I am the worst person in the room. I'm used to there being at least one other person who is worse than me so I can at least think in my head "Well, I could be worse, I could be them". Which I know, is not a very nice thought, but still, it has helped me get better in the past at stuff. Whereas now, I'm finding it really difficult to motivate myself because everyone is so much drastically better than me.

What are the ways that you motivate yourself to do something you're really shit at?
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