kuehkuehkueh (kuehkuehkueh) wrote in thequestionclub,

I went out with a guy 2 times. The first time was awkward, I didn't know whether to think of it as a date or not. The second time was better, though we were still slightly awkward and nervous. Recently, he was teased about another female colleague and he took the opportunity to clarify that there was nothing between them. We watched a movie after dinner and he sent me back home. It was nice. :-)

Both times, he sent me a text wishing me goodnight after we've gone our separate ways. Other than that, he just doesn't text. It's slightly perplexing to me. He doesn't text me anything throughout the day. It would be nice to see a 'How's your day?' or 'Hope your day is going well' text...

I think he likes me..I like him quite a bit too. I guess he is just not a texter? Have you ever dated someone who wasn't a texter? Are you a non-texter yourself? Do you just prefer face to face commmunication?

Do you think he would ask me out again? :) I'm not *very* young but it's the first time I have been asked out by a guy.
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