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[Mar. 6th, 2014|06:31 pm]
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TQC on Friday I had a tooth taken out on the left side (the last but one molar, (my wisdom teeth haven't come through yet)). Since then, the one next to that coming forward has hurt to the touch, especially if I bite or 'tap' it. Is this normal? I can't see a dentist - I don't have one, this was done at a dental hospital and I can't call them til Monday.

[User Picture]From: phirephaerie
2014-03-06 07:07 pm (UTC)


No. It's not normal if the actual tooth is hurting. If you have pain in the gums or near the extraction site of the other tooth, that is normal, for up to a few days. If the actual tooth is hurting the dentist may have damaged it when removing the other tooth, especially if there was already decay taking place. Inspect the tooth as best as you can and if you notice even the smallest piece broken or missing, I would suggest going to your local pharmacy/drugstore and buying a small tube of temporary tooth repair filling. I believe Den-Tek has some for less than $5. And then go back to whomever does your dental work ASAP. If they caused damage to one of your healthy teeth they should be able to repair it, likely for free unless you signed a waiver, in which case you will likely have to pay for the repair. Often when a tooth is extracted, it leaves room for your other teeth to shift around a bit, but usually this happens very slowly over a larger span of time, though it is not impossible for this to be the case for you right now. Another possible scenario, if it hurts when you bite down, is that you may have formed an abcess, which will need to be drained, and you'd need to take antibiotics for it.

Just continue taking all of the medication you were given, and make your calls on Monday if the pain has not let up any. Sometimes you can call a random dentist's office and one of their assistants can help you out over the phone as well. You don't always have to be a patient of theirs. Also, there are still a few great dentists out there that offer their own financing (no credit needed) with very low payment schedules... a good option if you need treatment right away without wishing to blow a small fortune.

Through the years I have had a tonne of dental work done, including several extractions, and I've had many conversations with dentists and assistants. Each time I had an extraction take place, the pain was usually gone the next day. I understand every person is different but if you had the tooth removed nearly a week ago I think most of the pain should have went away by now. Definitely try to get back in there soon if the pain continues.
[User Picture]From: erasethisworld
2014-03-06 07:21 pm (UTC)


Thank you so much for this. It was done at a teaching hospital so I didn't pay anyway - hopefully they'll just let me go back in and have a look. It doesn't really hurt unless it's touched - I have a dull ache in all my lower back teeth, but that may be due to shifting, I have overcrowding. I had antibiotics previously to this so hopefully it's not an infection, but I'll contact them ASAP and hopefully they'll get me back in! It was removed because there was a filling which cracked, fell out and the tooth itself had basically no pulp in it so I opted to have have the root canal done. Again, thank you for this.
[User Picture]From: purplecat
2014-03-07 12:01 am (UTC)


I would say yes for now but if the pain continues check it out. Take an Advil for now for pain & swelling. Sometimes some people's gums are more sensitive to dentistry than others'. Sometimes that's how your body deals with it.
[User Picture]From: monotonousglory
2014-03-07 01:16 am (UTC)


I just had one taken out too :) the gum around mine was bruised (it was a reeeeally difficult extraction) and the surrounding teeth hurt too, until the swelling and bruising healed