katrina (wut) wrote in thequestionclub,

hiiii tqc. i haven't posted here in awhile but i have a dilemma on my hands.

i've decided i want to break up with my boyfriend. he's in jail, has been off/on since i met him. he's been in jail since dec 3rd of 2013. he's probably gonna get 1-3 years but he hasn't been to court yet (it's on the 7th)

i'm only 19 and i don't think i want to wait around that long anymore, but he doesn't know that yet. i don't know how to tell him. he has visitations twice a week and i can write him, but i feel like writing him would be shitty.

things that are important to know: he has a temper (not violent) and he's emotional, i'm his only friend now (he had plenty but blahblah drama), he has family but they're kinda in/out of his life, he's had an extremely troubled life (bad/abusive parents) and we've always talked about our future and i thought he was the one, but i'm finding myself extremely doubting that.

i know 100% that this is what i want to do, but i'm very non-confrontational and i don't want to hurt him because he's one of the best friends i've ever had. what do i doooooo :-(
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