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apartment woes [Feb. 15th, 2013|11:37 am]


I live in an apartment complex with on-site maintenance and everything. On Tuesday I called complaining about the smoke detector, which fell out from the ceiling and isn't working, and the washing machine being broken. They have yet to come and fix either thing, and I have been calling them about it multiple times a day since then.

They claim they will get to it and they work on emergencies first. Now, our heat isn't working. When I called the receptionist suggested that I reset the breaker myself and see if that fixes the problem, and that if not they'll get around to it whenever they come and fix the washer. Which ~might~ be today. Apparently a working smoke detector and heat is not under emergency maintenance priority.

On the laundry side of things, should I go to a laundromat and submit a bill to them since they haven't done shit to fix the washer? What should I do about the smoke detector and the heat? When I just got off the phone with her I reiterated that the smoke detector is, indeed, not working and she still said they'll get around to it whenever.

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