Marie Vignette ( marievignette) wrote in thequestionclub,
Marie Vignette

so i've had my issues with att, but now i'm just totally mad. they just switched me to the new, "better" fiber optic internet. i went from 1.5 mbps high speed to 3.0 mbps fiber optic. i have a i have a motorola NVG510 router or modem or whatever.
now that i've switched, my xbox hates it. i finally can connect to xbox live, but it HATES internet play, and also dislikes netflix. i have done everything i can think of and everything google is telling me to do. i finally opened the NAT settings after about 50 tries, but that didn't help. so i've switched to a static ip address, no help there, port forwarding, no help there. gameplay SUCKS, and i dont even understand what i've all done other than that i've done everything i can remotely understand.
have any help for me? and ideas, any thoughts, any similar experiences?

dk/dc? what is something that you pay for that sucks? or something that you thought would be super cool but ended up sucking?
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