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Uncomfortable sex

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You HAVE to have a threesome. Which pair would you rather sleep with? They're ranked from 1 to 10, based on attractiveness level

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A 9 and a 1
2 (4.0%)
An 8 and a 2
2 (4.0%)
A 7 and a 3
10 (20.0%)
A 6 and a 4
18 (36.0%)
Two 5s
16 (32.0%)
I'd rather have a foursome with two 3s and a 4
2 (4.0%)

Which cast would you rather sleep with? This means you have to bang everyone on that show

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The cast from Jersey Shore
13 (27.7%)
The original cast from the first Star Trek series; the one with Kirk, Spock, etc. You only have to sleep with the ones who are still alive
34 (72.3%)

Which cartoon characters would you rather have sex with?

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All 7 dwarves. One at a time
2 (3.9%)
The Beast's cursed subjects (the teacup, the candlestick, the clock). You'll have to masturbate with them. They're sentient and will probably protest
1 (2.0%)
Get fingered by Captain Hook. He's holding a beverage with his good hand (hint as to which hand he'll be using!)
1 (2.0%)
The Genie, high on cocaine. He's more Robin Williams than ever and won't shut up
10 (19.6%)
The Mad Hatter and the Queen of Hearts (threesome)
6 (11.8%)
3 (5.9%)
Cinderella's stepmother and 2 stepsisters (foursome)
5 (9.8%)
Hercules & Mr. Incredible (threesome). Each one superstrong and has to focus on controlling their strength or else they destroy something
13 (25.5%)
He-Man and Gaston
8 (15.7%)
Malificent and Jafar (threesome). They've both had an annoying day and are in a cruelty mood
2 (3.9%)

Who would you rather have sex with? Each of these characters has been waxed head to toe

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3 (6.1%)
The Cowardly Lion.
1 (2.0%)
The Beast (Disney)
20 (40.8%)
The female Thundercat
17 (34.7%)
Robin Williams, and he's been in the cocaine and he can't sit still or shut up
8 (16.3%)

Which villain would you sooner have sex with?

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5 (10.0%)
Darth Maul
7 (14.0%)
The Borg Queen
7 (14.0%)
Darth Vader
4 (8.0%)
The Joker
17 (34.0%)
0 (0.0%)
Bride of Frankenstein
6 (12.0%)
Predator (he'll leave his weapons on the floor, and won't remove his mask)
1 (2.0%)
Dr. Evil and Mini Me (threesome)
2 (4.0%)
Freddy Kruger
1 (2.0%)
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