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(no subject) [Jan. 28th, 2013|04:20 pm]
TQC, I had this Valentine's Day idea but I wanted to run it by you:

So, I've been dating this fellow for about a month now. We're not serious yet but we are fond of each other, and we see each other a good amount. He's already brought up Valentine's Day, and I thought about making him some baked goods like cookies because while I feel it's too early to invest money in a gift or anything, I don't have a problem investing time. Now, he's a very family-oriented guy. He actually lives with his grandparents and mother because he spends a good amount of his time acting as a caretaker for his grandpa who is infirm from a stroke, and I know his family is very aware of my significant presence in his life these days (although I've only met his brother and sister who are not a part of that household). I thought about making a separate batch of cookies for them just as a nice gesture, or just making enough for him to share with his family. Is this an okay idea, or would that be weird?

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